Future APPFA Conferences (specific dates to be determined)

  • Chicago, Illinois - Spring 2024 
  • Florida (city TBD) - Fall 2024
  • St. Louis, Missouri - Spring 2025
  • California (city TBD) - Fall 2025
  • Ohio (city TBD) - Spring 2026
  • Kentucky (city TBD) - Fall 2026
  • Colorado (city TBD) - Spring 2027
  • Virginia (city TBD) - Fall 2027

Listing of APPFA's past conferences can be found here

Refund policy – Refunds are available if a written cancellation notice is received 10 days before the conference. Refunds will not be issued after that date.

Complaint policy – Complaints regarding conferences or other matters must be in writing and sent to APPFA, PO Box 11057, Loudonville, NY 12211-9900. Complaints will be forwarded to the President who will decide how to address the complaint. The complaint must contain the name/address/phone number/e-mail address of the person submitting the complaint. All complaints submitted will receive a written response.